Drugs at the festivals : Perceptions of prevention-, harm reduction-, care-, and law enforcement strategies”

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The research group aims to obtain a comprehensive understanding of how festival attendees and festival stakeholders perceive drug related interventions implemented at music festivals - including their perception of substance use (norms) at music festivals. The study focuses on the music festival scene in Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia.

The first part of the study focuses on the perceptions of prevention, harm reduction, care, and law enforcement strategies and perceptions of substance use (norms) by festival attendees. Through an innovative real-time procedure (Experience Sampling Method), festival attendees will be questioned and also in-depth interviews will be used to obtain more detailed feedback by the respondents. In addition, on-the-spot observations will be conducted to study whether festival attendees’ perceptions of substance use related measures at music festivals correspond with those actually present at the targeted festivals.

The second part of the study focuses on the same topic, yet now through the eyes of the stakeholders from prevention, harm reduction, care, and law enforcement strategies. Additionally, other festival stakeholders who have direct contact with festival attendees will be implemented in this part, such as festival promoters, bouncers, bar- and toilet staff. Based on the research results, conclusions and recommendations will be formulated.



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Startdatum 01/03/2019
Einddatum 01/09/2021

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